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Have an important event coming up?  Bringing friends and relatives together to celebrate is a special time in our lives, creating beautiful memories to hold through the years in heart, mind and photos.  Invite a good mix of people, including those with a great sense of humour.  Keep conversations light and cheerful.  Try to divert unpleasant conversations.                                                                      If you are a guest introduce yourself to others.  talk about the food, flower arrangements, weather, your travels, movies, books and hobbies. Practice time management skills, use lists to organize yourself, create a budget and be realistic about what you can spend. Do not expect everything to be perfect.  We have no control of the weather, but a grumpy brother can be sent out to get some ice.....just saying.   Chariots for Hire - White Dove releases and Horse Drawn Carriages Chariots4Hire.com Blue Steel Lighting - BlueSteelLightingDesign.com Elvis Tribute Artist - Havings a 50’s party?  You have to invite ElvisGuy1 to perform for you. Joe Searles has been entertaining folks in our area for many years. Isha Foss Events L.L.C. - Event decorating, planning and floral design for social and corporate events.  IshaFossEvents.com   Premier Events, Inc. - For over 16 years, Premier Events has been producing a variety of colorful, creative and entertainment events for associations, corporations, private individuals and organizations throughout the East Coast. PremierEventsInc.com Stage Right Lighting, Weddings & Special Events - Sales - Events - Rentals - SRLWeddings.com   Input from people attending an event can be invaluable.  Listen with an open mind and if you can accommodate some of their requests, it just might turn out better than your original plan.  Some people may not be satisfied with any date or place you pick.  If you know someone like that, stick to your own plans and move on but be prepared to enjoy yourself even if they don't show up. Tipping Tips!  Officiates civil ceremony $50 to $75 - religious ceremony no less than $100 - organist/soloist if not included in the church/temple rental fee $50, $75 for close friends. Have you thought about planning your wedding on a Friday night?  You can save money and find more of the great places still available.   Annual parties are the BEST!   When you plan the same type of party each year it gets easier and better than the last.  Perfect parties don’t just happen.  They take time to evolve.  From the guest list to the decorations, annual events are something your friends will always look forward to and put on their calendars! Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!  
When families get together there are a few simple rules we should live by.   All of us aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, parents and grandparents should follow these simple rules of etiquette. 1.  If family videos, slides or photo albums were seen at the last gathering, Do Not Bring Them out Again! 2.  Do not discuss your miscellaneous aches, gas, bunions and stiff joints.  Trust me.  3.  Try really hard not to dredge up the same old stories everyone has heard before. 4.  Do not ask when you are getting married or having children and as tempting as it may be do not ask about any ones sexual orientation. 5. Do not make any unflattering comparisons to a sibling or talk about any bitter sibling rivalries.  Do not make any request to relatives to borrow money. 6.  Do not criticize hair, clothing, beliefs or lifestyle choices. We should love and support our family members even when their beliefs are different then ours.  7.  Do not tempt anyone who is dieting to please just try one little itsy piece of cake, etc. 8. Do not start any arguments fueled by alcohol or start sobbing without a really, really good reason. So what CAN we talk about?  Try sticking to current events, sports, hobbies, jobs, school, college, hopes, dreams, stuff like that.  Stay interested and focused.  The time we spend with our family and friends should be cherished forever.
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